Our Cellar

Great tools and great technique in order to make great wine…

After the harvest time, the wine developing starts, this is the winemaking. Here as well, every step is essential to get a great result in the end.

We have equipped the cellar with a pneumatic wine press to do slow and delicate pressings thus preserving the aromas of the grapes, as well as a semi-automatic press.

For the vinification and storing of the wine, we are developing our stainless steel winery. This material has plenty of advantages: easy maintenance, no risk of alteration, doesn’t transmit any taste to the wine, and regulates the temperature of the wines with a heating/cooling system.

Our barrel ageing (for red and white wines) only concerns a part of our production. It allows us to improve the wine with a slow oxygenation and display some existing tannins (but not too much!).