Our Domain

Over 150 years of history !

The domain is located 30 kilometers south of Angers, just before arriving in Martigné Briand. The property is a former seigneury from the 18th century which is still enclosed with some moats on the North side. The entrance and main building have been well preserved, classical medieval architecture with machicolations and loopholes. An old legend tells that the property was used to hide a treasure in 1586!

Since 1864, seven generations of winegrowers have been working on the domain, passing on their expertise in the respect of tradition and always aiming for the improvement of quality. Franck and Catherine passionately valorize the terroir with a sustainable approach.

The vineyard of Pied Flond is cultivated on 24 hectares divided into five varietals: Chenin, Cabernet, Gamay, Grolleau, and Chardonnay.